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FOR An inclusive FOURth industrial revolution


We believe in a 4th industrial revolution that brings benefits for all

We accelerate the understanding and adoption of new technologies for social impact in emerging countries through the development of public policy, the design of scalable pilot projects, skill-building and the strengthening of ecosystems. We design and implement strategies so companies, governments and people can harness the benefits of the digital economy. Our moonshot is to enable an inclusive 4th Industrial Revolution.


We work from two of the world's most dynamic cities, Mexico City and San Francisco (and soon Guadalajara), from which we enable local and international cross-sector collaborations.

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We design and deploy bold and meaningful changes through behavioral economics, human-centered design and systems thinking.

Public Innovation and Policy

We develop white papers and design innovation policies and laws that help untap the potential of the 4th Industrial Revolution and help mitigate its social risks. We do this in collaboration with national and local governments.

Experiments and Scalable Pilot Projects

We design and incubate experiments and scalable pilots to push the boundaries of new technologies' potential to  democratize and improve education, health, mobility and SMEs' competitiveness, among other development goals.

Capacity building and Cultural Shifts

We help decision-makers and young people understand the transformative power of new technologies, future trends and risk factors. We future-proof people by teaching non-technical people the basics for them to harness the profound possibilities new technologies bring and by managing the knowledge gained in our work.

Strengthening of


We help catalyze movements and design and manage multi-sector coalitions and interdisciplinary working groups. We help connect decision-makers with national and international peers for knowledge transfers and collaborations.

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