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Empowering Women, Igniting Leadership


Empowering Women, Igniting Leadership

On a global level, we have established the Women's Leadership Lab to provide greater visibility and expand what we have been doing since our inception: being a platform to create and strengthen skills for women who seek or are in leadership positions in the field of responsible technology, the governance of new technologies, and Tech Diplomacy.


We are starting, through our Founder, co-designing and co-leading UNESCO’s global advocacy platform for women in AI ethics (Women for Ethical AI), and creating a residency program in Spain for women founders of social transformation initiatives in multiple countries, among other actions.

If you are interested in exploring a potential collaboration with our Women's Leadership Lab, please contact:

Constanza Gómez Mont

Founder and Principal of C Minds



UNESCO's Women for Ethical AI Platform

We are part of the UNESCO Women for Ethical AI council and platform! The goal is to contribute to the realization of the UNESCO Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (which we helped codraft!), with a specific focus on gender diversity and empowerment, by leveraging the contribution of a group of world-renowned experts.

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Womens´Leadership Lab Retreat

Womens´Leadership Lab Retreat, Andalucia, Spain: a space for women in leadership positions to disconnect, reconnect, and rediscover what is meaningful to them.

Coming soon
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