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Trees From Above
Emerging tech for the future of earth


sustainability and the harnessING of technology to protect the future of the earth

This area seeks to harness the use of emerging technologies to help advance the Sustainable Development Goals, focusing mainly on the conservation of natural ecosystems through the use of frontier technologies, articulation of the key stakeholders around it, and education to communities and companies. 


There is no doubt that the global health crisis we are experiencing requires us to rethink our current production models and our relationship with the natural world. Our right to a healthy sustainable environment must become our top priority to prevent future environmental and social crises.

If you are interested in exploring a potential collaboration with our Future of Earth Lab, please contact:

Regina Cervera

AI for Climate Coordinator



AI for Climate

Our main umbrella initiative in this area is AI for Climate, a global initiative that explores the use of today's most advanced technologies to mitigate the risk of environmental crises in the world and to activate the economy in the poverty-stricken communities around nature reserves.





Accelerate the effective conservation and regeneration of biodiversity and ecosystem health by strengthening the monitoring, conservation, and understanding of the effects of climate change on priority ecosystems and species in the mangrove zone of the Yucatan Peninsula. This is done by harnessing the power of community-centered approaches, machine learning, and multi-sector collaborations.

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Data4Jaguars Alliance

An international alliance that aims to strengthen the knowledge of jaguar populations in the Americas, facilitating the generation, sharing, and use of data from photo-trapping monitoring.

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Global Forum

The AI for Climate Global Forum brings together experts from the fields of AI, conservation, disruptive technologies, economy, public policy, and more, to explore and discuss the power of AI to advance the Sustainable Development Goals and the Global Climate Agenda.


AI Ethics Exclusive Masterclass

Discover our Masterclass Māori Frameworks and Perspectives on Inclusiveness for Ethical AI with Sara Stratton, founder of the Māori Lab,


She brings a Māori lens, values, and practices to organizations and companies by including businesses and organizations that are worried about how to survive the present, let alone to create a flourishing future.

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