Trees From Above

adoption & education on emerging technologies to have an impact in the future of earth


sustainability and the harness of technology to protect the future of earth

This area seeks to harness the use of emerging technologies to help advance the Sustainable Development Goals, focusing mainly on conservation, articulation of the agtech and environmental ecosystems, education, and public policy recommendations. 


There is no doubt that the global health crisis we are experiencing requires us to rethink our current production models and our relationship with the natural world. Our right to a healthy sustainable environment must become our top priority to prevent future environmental and social crises.

If you are interested in exploring a potential collaboration with our Future of Earth Lab, please contact:

Lucía Tróchez

Future of Earth Director


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We explore the use of today's most advanced technologies to mitigate the risk of environmental crises in the world and to activate the economy in the poverty-stricken communities around nature reserves.

How can Jalisco harness the power of AgriTech to boost its leadership? 

We led a capabilities-building program for AgriTech startups in Jalisco in order to provide them with the support they need, from tech knowledge to business growth, to thrive.


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