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Where curiosity meets creativity


Exploring Frontier Practices and technologies

Our Exploration Studio is a dynamic and innovative space where we venture beyond the boundaries of conventional projects and topics. Here, we embrace curiosity and creativity, providing a cross-disciplinary platform to explore ideas and deploy initiatives that don't fit within the confines of our other thematic areas.



Our multi-disciplinary team of forward-thinking professionals collaborates to untap opportunities, experiment with cutting-edge technologies, and develop new methodologies and dynamic frameworks. 

From web3 and decentralized governance platforms for SDGs, to understanding the ethical considerations of nascent brain-tech, and the future of biotechnology, this Studio is pushing our limits of understanding and enabling more just, creative, and innovative futures.    



Collaborate with us in these uncharted territories as we understand more about emerging practices and technologies, rethink the role of tech in enabling new and better socioeconomic paradigms, and incubate scalable frontier initiatives.  

If you are interested in exploring a potential collaboration with us, please contact:

Constanza Gómez Mont

Founder and Principal of C Minds

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