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C Minds is a tech-for-impact action tank that designs and deploys bold initiatives for social change in Mexico and Latin America, transforming ideas into pragmatic strategies.


The women-led international team seeks to future-proof communities, governments and companies in light of the Fourth Industrial Revolution by contributing to more inclusive and human-centered public policy and advancing the debate around ethical tech. This is achieved by collaborating with international organizations and all levels of government, from federal to state and municipal, to co-design and implement pioneering strategies that place people at the center of the conversation.

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The organization co-authored various important foundational efforts for Mexico to make the most of the AI Revolution, including the basis for an Open Banking standard and foundations for an AI strategy, which it is currently strengthening via a collaborative effort carried out through IA2030MX, Mexico’s National AI Coalition, which C Minds co-founded in 2018. The organization also co-designed fAIr LAC, a platform to promote responsible AI adoption across Latin America and the Caribbean, together with the Inter-American Development Bank, which includes the development of national hubs that empower governments to harness AI for better social services. As of 2020, C Minds is leading the Latam Chapter for the IEEE’s Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems, ensuring Latin America is a part of the global conversations shaping our future.


We believe that everyone, everywhere, should have equal opportunities to live a fulfilling life.

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