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Working at the intersection of new technologies, society, and the environment for the last decade. 
Latin america

For the last decade, our organization has co-led various significant foundational efforts in Latin America that fostered greater regional resiliency and preparedness to untap opportunities of disruptive technologies while maintaining ethics and human rights at the core.

Examples of our work include developing the basis for an Open Banking standard in Mexico  (the first in Latin America); codeveloping Mexico City's Law on open government (first of its kind as well in Latin America); creating the foundations for the national Mexican AI strategy; co-founding Mexico’s National AI Coalition IA2030MX;  co-designed with IDB, fAIr LAC, the leading Latinamerican platform of IDB to promote responsible AI adoption, which includes the development of national hubs that empower governments and entrepreneurs; cofounding fAIr LAC Jalisco, the first AI living lab in the region; co-funding IUCN's first Tech4Nature initiative in Latin America which harnesses AI for biodiversity conservation; and leading the first public platform to discuss the opportunities and considerations of the Metaverse in Latin America, among others. 
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Moreover, we have been co-leading global key processes that are stirring the direction of ethical AI including coordinating the AI for Climate Global Summit; being one of the 24 members of the international drafting high-level group for the drafting of the first AI Ethical Global Instrument led by UNESCO (which was signed by all UN member countries); co-chairing the Global Future Council on AI for Humanity of the WEF; and being an advisor to the global steering groups of institutions such as the IEEE, among other global leadership roles. 


We have an ecosystem approach philosophy that includes incubating complete areas that go through a maturity process and then spin out to have a life of their own, keeping C Minds' core values, theory of change, and vision. 


Moreover, this strategy allows C Minds to fulfill one of its missions:

the development of impactful female leadership skills and scale our work, fostering a stronger and larger ecosystem of social innovation organizations in the region. 

Read more about the amazing PIT Policy Lab, our first spinout, which was incubated in C Minds' AI for Good Policy Lab. 


Our strategies are designed through an ecosystem and system lens. Our levers of change are mutually reinforcing and designed to address common barriers to innovation in Latin America. 

Knowledge and training program creation
Initiative design and implementation


Get to know the people who make C Minds the organization that is today
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We love to meet organizations with a thirst for social innovation as well as passionate change-makers to explore potential collaborations in our field of work. 

If you have an opportunity in mind you'd like to explore, reach out to us!​

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