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At C Minds we have specialized in the ideation, design, and implementation of initiatives that strengthen and accelerate innovation, as well as digital transformation and technological ethics for both the public and private sectors. Within fAIr LAC Jalisco, we contributed to the founding of this pioneering initiative led by the Social Sector of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), in alliance and close collaboration with the Government of Jalisco and the Tecnológico de Monterrey. While fAIr LAC focuses on the Latin American region, promoting the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate impact and create more resilient communities. The local hub of fAIr LAC Jalisco worked between 2020 and 2023 on implementing activities and actions framed in the use of AI for social policies and impact entrepreneurship at the state level.


C Minds, as a partner and founding organization of this initiative, led the co-creation process of the comprehensive model for strengthening the AI ecosystem. It also participated in its implementation, leading actions in the components of entrepreneurship, public innovation, public policies, and AI ethics.


Below we highlight some of the actions that we lead:



At C Minds, we supported the development of use cases led by Tec de Monterrey, in conjunction with teams from the Government of Jalisco, and with the collaboration with the IDB. Over the course of three years, the use case implementation team achieved the following: 1) the implementation of a use case for the identification of Diabetic Retinopathy in healthcare centers in Jalisco, 2) the exploration of a use case for identifying variables for the detection of risk factors in school dropout, 3) and the implementation of a use case to streamline the reporting process for gender-based violence cases. Through periodic interviews with the leading teams of these use cases and desktop research, we developed three documents aimed at decision-makers within the public sector.

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  1. Gender

  2. Health

  3. Education

Public sector



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In this component, we collaborated with the IDB LAB and the Entrepreneurship Hub of Tec de Monterrey to develop an ethical AI module within the PASIA acceleration program. Within this module, we accomplished the following: 1) we generated content aimed at enhancing the ethical AI capabilities of 26 startups from the LAC region whose business models incorporate a social mission, 2) we established a program to enhance the skills of 16 experts in the region in using tools and methodologies for ethically evaluating startups and private ventures, 3) lastly, we devised a personalized support protocol in which mentors provided recommendations to improve the adoption of responsible AI for 6 startups.

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Entrepreneurship sector



Within this component, we worked collaboratively with Tec de Monterrey, the IDB Group, and the Government of Jalisco to document the implementation methodology adopted by the different working groups, gather learnings, and define the governance of the project and its theory of change. We generated an iterative model for continuous improvement through 12 methodological strengthening workshops, which were co-designed with the initiative's internal teams. Likewise, we drafted auxiliary tools and resources for the cross-functional strengthening of the ethical use of AI, such as the conceptual model of the Ethics Council for the hub (now the Ethical Risks and Data Governance Committee), a tool for risk assessment in the selection of potential use cases, and a tool for the integration of private providers within the public use cases.

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Additionally, we were involved in generating operational, technical, and regulatory recommendations for the data governance of the initiative. These recommendations took into account not only the data processing requirements mandated by the industry and government in Jalisco but also the best practices and global trends in this field. To accomplish this, we collaborated closely with the technical and legal teams of Tec de Monterrey and the Government of Jalisco, with the valuable support of the IDB. The outcome was a document that remains neutral with respect to the use cases and their specific AI technologies—a cross-cutting resource with regional applicability that can benefit both the public and private sectors.

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fAIr Model and Capabilities



Between 2020 and 2023, we organized 12 capacity-building events, including workshops, conferences, and talks. These events featured the participation of 24 regional experts from academia, the public sector, the private sector, and civil society. As a result, we were able to make a positive impact on 319 public officials from the state of Jalisco.

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