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Academy for Resilience aims to strengthen the resilience of people, governments, and corporations in light of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and develop the skills they will need to make the most of the changes coming ahead answering our questions with concrete applications of technology and by exploring new technologies and trends, offering use cases and reports to inspire similar efforts across the world.

Our pilot projects are carried out with international organizations and all levels of governments, from federal to state and municipal, seeking to explore the potential of new technologies or trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Open Banking to advance the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, as well as Mexico's priorities, accelerating socio-economic development. 

If you are interested in carrying out a pilot project with us or in research on new trends and technologies, please reach out to

Claudia Del Pozo

Eon Resilience Lab Director



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While there are many existing ethical guidelines regarding AI, entrepreneurs lack a clear pathway to developing and implementing the technology in an ethical manner. Together with Facebook, we are putting together this booklet to help them understand what ethical AI means, with a special focus on Latin America. It will offer steps to follow to become a more responsible AI company as well as auto-evaluation tools and best practices.

How can Jalisco harness the power of AgriTech to boost its leadership? 

We are working with the leading Mexican education organization UNETE to explore to what extent personalizing their existing training program based on past data can grow their impact. Part of this project includes the development of 3 algorithms in order to predict the best training sequence for each teacher.

How can Jalisco harness the power of AgriTech to boost its leadership? 

Keep Up by C Minds is our platform to share Mexico's work with the world and learn from the work of other countries. We invite experts on a variety of topics to present their perspective, ideas and work with the Mexican public, and to interact with them in a digital open dialogue space, while also inviting key Mexican stakeholders to present the country's progress in the selected field. 


Computer Office Work


Together with Swae, the Ministry of Innovation of Education of the State of Chihuahua (SIDE) and the Institute for Innovation and Competitiveness (i2C), we are testing the potential for citizen participation processes to be automated by carrying out an exercise that combines technology and collective intelligence to address challenges related to Future of Work in Ciudad Juárez. 


"C Minds' talk about Open Banking both provoked and inspired, setting off an active conversation about the forthcoming opportunities for us in the near future."

- Hugh Bruce, Chief Consumer Officer


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