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The Eon Resilience Lab is C Minds’ area committed to future-proofing individuals, in light of the accelerated changes brought about by new technologies. We put this into practice daily by supporting public and private institutions in the acquisition of new skillsets among different groups and in the design of strategies to navigate a constantly changing present, shaped by Artificial Intelligence and other digital technologies. Our mission is for everyone to understand the impact of new technologies and trends on their lives and surroundings so they can be better prepared to thrive in a future we can’t quite imagine yet. Most of our projects are focused on Mexico and Latin America, connecting leading practices and learnings to the international stage.


While C Minds as an entity has been carrying out this kind of project for over 10 years, the lab was founded in June 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, when C Minds and the world realized the unpredictable shifts humanity is bound to experience and the new speed at which these are happening. More than ever, there is an urgent need for eye-opening and support when it comes to the risks engendered by our accelerated adoption of technology. At Eon, we believe technology can and must be used as a force for good but that its potential will only be achieved if it is developed, adopted, applied, and used responsibly and ethically. That is exactly what we are working for and towards.


For us, achieving a better tomorrow implies weaving collaborations among key actors from all levels and sectors in leading-edge projects on a wide range of topics at the intersection of new technologies and societal wellbeing. Our projects range from pilot projects to state-of-the-art research and recommendations for different actors, all carefully crafted by a talented team of multidisciplinary, international, and creative minds. We come together from fields as diverse as business, philosophy, social impact, communications, engineering and international relations. 


Examples of our work include the prototyping of AI governance mechanisms in order to emit recommendations for regulators; the development of a handbook on the safe adoption of digital platforms in schools; or the drafting of a practical guide for startups to adopt ethical AI practices and the elaboration of Future of Work strategies. Have a look at our projects below for more examples.


What makes us such a great partner in change is our multi-sector collaborative approach to generating systemic change, our profound attention to detail, intentionality and resourcefulness.


Ready to work with us? Let’s jump on a video call and discuss how we can collaborate on bold and meaningful projects.

Claudia Del Pozo

Eon Resilience Lab Director



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Coming 2021

While there are many existing ethical guidelines regarding AI, entrepreneurs lack a clear pathway to developing and implementing the technology in an ethical manner. Together with Facebook, we are putting together this booklet to help them understand what ethical AI means, with a special focus on Latin America. It will offer steps to follow to become a more responsible AI company as well as auto-evaluation tools and best practices.

How can Jalisco harness the power of AgriTech to boost its leadership? 

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Together with Facebook and the Inter-American Development Bank, with the support of Mexico's Federal Institute for Access to Public Information and Data Protection (INAI) we are working on a public policy prototype for more transparent and explainable AI systems. This includes testing the prototype with over 10 companies that use AI to provide their services in Mexico. The learnings from this process will be gathered into a public policy recommendation for the INAI.

How can Jalisco harness the power of AgriTech to boost its leadership? 

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Coming soon

As the pandemic forces school to rethink their operations and transition to online platforms, C Minds and the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) have come together to explore what this means for the privacy of children's personal digital data. We're working together to create a guide on best practices for schools in the Latin American region and drafting public policy recommendations for regulators in the region. This latter component includes a region-wide survey on teacher's experience transitioning to a digital realm as well as a series of interviews with subject-matter experts.

How can Jalisco harness the power of AgriTech to boost its leadership? 

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Post-covid, every country is going to need extraordinary efforts for social and economic recovery. This series of online roundtables organized by C Minds and the British Embassy in Mexico invites experts from Mexico and the UK to discuss how AI may contribute to this recovery in Mexico, discussing the opportunities and challenges it poses in a diverse range of topics. With the aim of raising awareness on AI's potential among policy-makers particularly, the series touches upon:

- AI for Crime Prevention and Justice, in collaboration with UNICRI's Center for AI and Robotics (Dec 2020)

- How much can we trust AI systems? (Jan 2021)

- The Future of Work and Education (Feb 2021)

- Future Pandemic Management (Feb 2021)

How can Jalisco harness the power of AgriTech to boost its leadership? 

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Keep Up by C Minds is our platform to share Mexico's work with the world and learn from the work of other countries. We invite experts on a variety of topics to present their perspective, ideas and work with the Mexican public, and to interact with them in a digital open dialogue space, while also inviting key Mexican stakeholders to present the country's progress in the selected field. 


Young Teacher

AI for Better Teachers (2019)

We worked with the leading Mexican education organization UNETE to explore to what extent personalizing their existing training program based on past data could grow their impact. Together with our technological partners, we created a predictive model to strengthen their training of teachers, who in turn are tasked with training their students in digital skillsets.



"C Minds' talk about Open Banking both provoked and inspired, setting off an active conversation about the forthcoming opportunities for us in the near future."

- Hugh Bruce, Chief Consumer Officer