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5th dialogue "Metaverse: the opportunities of the future: Metaverse in LatAm and the Caribbean"

  • In this fifth session we will explore the specific challenges and opportunities that the metaverse brings to Latin America and the Caribbean, analyzed through the eyes of experts from the region.

  • The dialogue space will take place on Wednesday, July 27 from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm CT, online.

  • To attend this event, you can register at the following link:

On Wednesday, July 27th, the fifth conversation of the series of dialogue spaces "Metaverse: the opportunities of the future", organized by the Eon Resilience Lab of C Minds and Meta, will be held to explore the opportunities of the metaverse in Latin America and the Caribbean. This session seeks to specifically explore the challenges and opportunities that the metaverse brings to the region in the areas of health, education, cities and development.

This event will be held through the Zoom platform in Spanish. To attend, those interested should register at It will also be broadcast live on the C Minds Facebook Live page.

The speakers from Latin America and the Caribbean who will be participating are: Gabriela Acosta, Director at Muv Lab (Mexico) // Rodney Taylor, Secretary General at Caribbean Telecommunications Union (Barbados) // Jennifer Samaniego, Founder at Immersive Learning Research Network (Ecuador) // Lucía Bellocchio, Founder and Executive Director at Trend Smart Cities (Argentina) // Claudia Del Pozo, Director of Eon Resilience Lab at C Minds (Mexico).

The initiative "Metaverse: the opportunities of the future" is made up of six spaces for dialogue composed of experts from different disciplines with the objective of analyzing the new platform from a Latin American and Caribbean perspective, on topics such as economics, challenges, opportunities, human rights, communities, among others. This initiative is part of the collaboration between Meta and the Eon Resilience Lab of C Minds, part of the new partners to develop the metaverse in a responsable way.

The fourth space was held on June 29 and established more philosophical and social aspects of the metaverse, such as the topics of digital identity, metaverse ethics, social transformation by the new platform and communities. Santiago Mejía, Social Director in Ecosystems at Ashoka, mentioned that "The person can never detach themselves from their physical and virtual identities, however, what does happen is that since we do not have the physical identity part of the body, there are other ways in which that aspect of identity can be built. We cannot escape our identity, rather we can redefine it and look for new forms of performativity."

You can find the recording of this fourth space on the C Minds Facebook Page: for more information on this initiative, please visit

Join the conversation using the hashtag: #OportunidadesMetaverso


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