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About the lab

We came to be during the 2020 pandemic, as we saw the increased and somewhat out-of-control acceleration in technological change impact society in profound ways. We exist to accompany this unforeseen revolution, ensuring all areas, sectors, and individuals in society are equipped to make the most of it, not only surviving it but riding the wave of change.


More specifically, we're here to assist in the transformation of Latin America by harnessing the power of game-changing technologies and to offer leading practices to global conversations from the developing region.

The Eon Resiliency Lab is in the leadership pathway of becoming a C Minds' spinout in 2023. 

Innovation from one of the world's most interesting cities

Our current projects 


Guide for Ethical AI

What: We're creating a practical step-by-step guide in Spanish and Portuguese for Latin American startups and companies to develop and apply AI systems in a responsible manner.

Why: To support Latin American companies to follow international guidelines and best practices.

Who: Meta



Open Loop Uruguay

What: We're designing and implementing the world's first public policy prototype for Privacy Enhancing Technologies within AI and Metaverse-related companies. 

Why: To offer public policy recommendations for improved privacy.

Who: Meta, and the Uruguayan data and electronic government regulators (AGESIC and URCDP).



Report: the Metaverse from Latin America

What: We're redacting a report on the Latin American view on the Metaverse, including challenges and opportunities, including the opinions and predictions of regional high-level experts.

Why: To contribute Latin America's contexts and considerations on the Metaverse to the global conversation.

Who: Meta and the Center for Studies on Tech and Society (CETyS) in Argentina..



Open Loop Mexico

What: We're leading the very first public policy prototype for transparent and explainable AI systems, right here in Mexico.

Why: To offer public policy recommendations for more trustworthy AI.

Who: Meta, the IDB, the Mexican Data and Transparency Regulators (INAI), and 10 Mexican AI companies. 




What: We're coordinating a series of online sessions to strengthen governmental knowledge around the potential of AI for public services and offering public policy recommendations. 

Why: To accelerate the post-pandemic economic recovery process.

Who: The German Cooperation (GIZ), and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE).



Metaverse Dialogue Series

What: We're organizing a series of online dialogues about different Metaverse-related topics with over 30 high-level experts, mainly from Latin America.

Why: To increase the regional awareness and knowledge surrounding the Metaverse.

Who: Meta


Past projects

Back to Work with Masks

The Labor Impact of the Pandemic in Mexico (2020)

The pandemic impact the labor market redistributing the country's job opportunities. C Minds in collaboration with Dev.f put together a document with analysis of sectors at risk of automation in the post-pandemic economy. The report highlights issues with disproportionate impact on women