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For more Transparent and Explainable AI system

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Makes the housing evaluation process more efficient


Enables greater financial inclusion by improving credit risk models

 Helps to navigate early childhood development with a chatbot

Optimizes search for talent by making recruitment processes more efficient and intelligent

Optimizes companies’ communication response times on social media

Reduces the maternal mortality percentage by monitoring mothers’ health daily

Expedites and improves commodities logistics processes


Asses person's aptitudes and reliability with a digital avatar for to make financial services more accessible

Improves citizens’ interactions with governments by transforming them into digital service platforms

 Facilitates companies’ regulatory compliance obligations


October to December

Summer 2021



Participating companies were selected after an open call process and individual interviews

The prototype process will last 5-6 months, starting in January 2021

Publication of the public policy recommendations for more transparent and explainable AI systems for the INAI and other regulators in Latin America

5-6 months starting in January

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Policy Prototype for more Transparent and Explainable AI system will last 5-6 months

14 companies will implement the prototype to offer recommendations for regulators. 

The program is exclusively for mexican companies and has no cost for the participants. 

Companies will receive the necessary technical, logistical and governance-related support throughout the program. 

During the prototype we will measure:


The clarity, utility, and technical feasibility of the prototype

To what extent are companies aware of this topic and how much do they understand it?
What kind of technical support do the different companies require according to their profile?


The implementation cost of the prototype

What kind of technical and organizational problems come up?

Which elements of the prototype are most difficult to follow or adopt?


The companies’ users’ experience and other elements

What are the benefits or satisfaction for the consumers?
Did the users understand the explanations given to them? Were they necessary?
Which elements contributed to an increase in understanding?
How much did confidence levels in the company increase?


As a driving force for change, technology is continuously redefining possibilities for our civilization, new ways of living and interacting with each other, shaping our lives and the world around us.

Technology is pushing the limits of what is possible, and as this transformation speeds up, we have to identify how technological and regulatory innovation can complement each other in a way to allow a responsible and inclusive field that brings value and purpose to society.


The program consists in the creation and testing of public policy prototypes on the governance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems within companies. It is part of a pioneering global program called Open Loop, which is led and designed by Facebook.

In Mexico, the Public Policy Prototype (PPP) focuses on the topics of transparency and explainability of AI systems. The program, designed by Facebook, es liderado por Facebook, is led by Facebook, C Minds’ Eon Resilience Lab and the Inter-American Development Group (IADB) via its fAir LAC initiative, and has the support of the Federal Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection (INAI). It also includes the collaboration of mexican companies and input from Latin American topical experts.

Over the course of the PPP, over 10 companies will implement a prototype on transparency and explainability to add more value to their users and general public through the improved management and control of more transparent and explainable AI systems.

The PPP insights will be gathered to develop a public policy recommendation report for mexican regulators that will serve as inspiration for other countries in the region. These recommendations,  among other inputs and contributions from experts in the ecosystem, will then be brought together to develop a Framework and Manual on Transparency and Explainability for AI Systems for Mexico, a document that the INAI will present in collaboration with the Mexican PPP, C Minds and the IADB group. 


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