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PIDES Social Innovation has just taken its next big step by becoming C Minds by PIDES, an impact innovation agency. We design strategies for economic and social development by cultivating cross-sector collaboration, experimenting with the use of new technologies and by leveraging resources from San Francisco (our new headquarters) and Mexico City. Our mission is to improve people’s lives by transforming ideas into pilot experiments that are then scaled into laws, policies, programs or startups with a widespread impact.

This change comes in the wake of the 4th Industrial Revolution. We are living in a continuously changing world where technology has the unequaled power of accelerating possibilities. We are ready to capitalize on that. Our experience, gathered over 10 years of successful projects, law and public policy developments,  impacting a variety of global challenges at the local level, has shown us the potential that can be achieved by leveraging the strategic use of technology and cross-sector collaborations. C Minds by PIDES keeps PIDES Social Innovation’s key assets while reshaping the organization’s strategy and operations to include these essential components in order to tackle today’s biggest challenges with as much finesse, modernity and impact as possible. We are designing a new and better way of achieving the same purpose we established 10 years ago.

The “C” in C Minds stands for what we represent our core philosophy and values: creativity, cities, collaboration, courage and change. 

C Minds by PIDES will be focusing on carrying out tech-savvy pilot projects across Mexico to improve the quality of life in cities. We have doubled our collaboration efforts with our past partners and are working with new key innovative players in various countries to design solutions for global challenges. We will be leveraging new and exciting exponential technologies such as AI, Blockchain and digital manufacturing, to name a few, to solve challenges in the fields of nutrition, education, mobility, security and FinTech among others.  We will be also refueling our efforts to build capacity within citizens and institutions to deal with the tech disruptions that are coming thanks to our brand new Academy for Resilience.  Through it, we will be training decision-makers and citizens from all sectors as well as pushing for ethical debates on the social consequences of new technologies.

Follow our new, tech-enhanced and human-centered journey on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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