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What was it about?

Digital technologies have reshaped children's lives, resulting in new opportunities and risks to their well-being and rights. The British Embassy in Mexico and C Minds’ Eon Resilience Lab and AI for Good Lab, with the support of the Institute for Democracy and Innovation, created the forum on Children’s Digital Rights.

British and Mexican experts shared recent developments on the matter from the United Kingdom and the international industry so that leaders in Mexico can explore opportunities to promote a safer online environment for children, encouraging the full development of their civil, political, cultural, economic, and social rights.


The events

Block 1

Learnings from the UK

Block 2

The Industry's Perspective

Block 3

Reflections and Recommendations for Mexico


Block 1

Learnings from the UK

Jen Persson

Director of Defend Digital Me

Michael Murray.jpeg

Michael Murray

Head of Regulatory Strategy and Regulatory Policy Projects - Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)

Sonia Livingstone.png

Sonia Livingstone

Director of the Digital Futures Commission

Event 1

Block 2

The Industry's Perspective

Pilar Ramirez.jpg

Pilar Ramírez

Vice President of the National Capacity Building at the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Maria Cristina Capelo.jpg

Maria Cristina Capelo

Head of Safety Policy, Latin America at Meta

Yolanda Martinez.png

Yolanda Martínez

Overall Lead of GovStack Initiative

Jimena Mora.jpg

Jimena Mora

Senior Corporate Lawyer in the Cybercrime Combat Unit at Microsoft

Event 2

Block 3

Reflections and Recommendations for Mexico

Ana Cecilia Perez.png

Ana Cecilia Pérez

Co-Founder of Capa 8

Teresita Poblete.png

Teresita Poblete

Consultant of the Promotion and Protection Area of the OAS' Institute for Children and Teenagers (IIS)

Anahiby Becerril Gil.png

Anahiby Becerril Gil

Cybersecurity Specialist

Valeria Geremia.png

Valeria Geremia

Executive Coordinator of the Network for Children's Rights in Mexico (REDIM)

Event 3


 Inaugural Addresses

Amy Clemitshaw.jfif

Amy Clemitshaw

Deputy UK Ambassador to Mexico

Josefina Vazquez Mota.jpg

Senator Josefina Vázquez Mota

President of the Children's and Teenagers' Rights Committee of the Senate


Forum host

Claudia Del Pozo.jpg

Claudia Del Pozo

Director of C Minds' Eon Resilience Lab


If you got any questions, please email Claudia Del Pozo at​​

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