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October 2022

AI Ethics for Latin America: Booklet for Start-Ups and Companies

Authors: C Minds' Eon Resilience Lab with the support and contributions from Meta

A guide that fosters an ethical culture for entrepreneurs and companies in Latin America that design, develop and implement Artificial Intelligence systems. It helps raise awareness of potential risks and the impact of their solutions, as well as proposing appropriate risk-based measures.

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November 2021

The pandemic's impact on employment: analysis of the sectors at risk of automation in Mexico's post-pandemic economy

Authors: C Minds' Eon Resilience Lab for Dev.f

Following the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on the labor sector in Mexico and Latin America, it is crucial to analyze the impact of process automation, as well as the activities with the highest risk of automation and its relevance in the current labor market. In this context, this report provides updated data to guide recruitment, placement, and retraining efforts in various industries.


September 2021

Safe online learning: policies and governance for student data protection in Latin America

Authors: C Minds' Eon Resilience Lab and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Due to Covid-19, students moved quickly to digital learning platforms, but this transition put, on many occasions, their data privacy at risk. The report urges Latin American countries to focus on data governance in education systems to protect student privacy, confidentiality, and security through the proper collection, maintenance, use, and distribution of sensitive data.

Reporte Inclusión Digital GIZ SRE.png

August 2021

Advancing Digital Inclusion in Mexico

Authors: C Minds' Eon Resilience Lab, the German Cooperation (GIZ), and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In Mexico, although Internet penetration is high, gaps persist in the use and access of digital tools that make it impossible for the population to be part of the digital world. In this context, this report gathers insights and conclusions from a series of dialogue tables with experts that define the challenges and opportunities as well as possible public policy solutions.

Reporte de PP - Agro Jalisco .png

August 2020

Agro Jalisco: Public Policy Recommendations Report

Authors: C Minds

The text highlights the importance of promoting innovation and competitiveness in Jalisco's agricultural sector to continue its growth and competitiveness. The information and recommendations from experts, companies, and organizations were gathered through a program of workshops, a digital forum, and a round table, and are intended to guide the design of public policies for the sustainability, innovation, and competitiveness of the agri-food sector.

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June 2020

Mexico: the story and lessons behind Latin America's first AI strategy

Authors: C Minds and CAF

The policy brief shares the process and institutions that led the development of the National Artificial Intelligence strategy in Mexico (2018), the first in Latin America. It is a brief intended to serve as a guide for future government initiatives, highlighting the transformative influence of AI on various aspects of society and the need for governments to balance its potential benefits with protection against potential risks.

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June 2022

ImpactIA: AI for Mexico's Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Recovery

Authors: C Minds' Eon Resilience Lab commissioned by GIZ, the German Cooperation (GIZ), and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

This is a report that helps to understand the landscape of Artificial Intelligence in Mexico to explore how these systems can serve as a tool to contribute to overall sustainable and inclusive economic development. It also explores how it can drive issues that contribute to sustainable development and social inclusion.

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September 2021

Safe online learning: Guide for Latin American academic institutions to protect student' digital data in the school context

Authors: C Minds' Eon Resilience Lab and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Schools have gone virtual due to Covid-19, making student safety a priority, including their physical and mental protection as well as their personal data. The IDB, with support from C Minds' Eon Resilience Lab, is responding to the need to protect children's digital data through the Safe Online Learning project. This guide is aimed at principals and teachers to reinforce the protection of student data on online platforms used in the education sector.

Keep Calm & Harness AI for Recovery Report (1).png

August 2021

Keep Calm and Harness AI for Economic Recovery

Authors: The British Embassy in Mexico and C Minds' Eon Resilience Lab

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential to explore how to ensure that Mexico, as well as other countries with similar contexts, achieves an inclusive economic recovery. This report highlights the perspectives of different expert people around the opportunities, level of progress, needs, and social and environmental challenges of Artificial Intelligence in the context of economic recovery.

AI for Climate Living Lab Yucatan.png

August 2021

AI for Climate Living Lab Yucatan: Case Study Recommendations Report

Authors: AI for Climate Initiative founded by C Minds and Christopher Cordova Agency

Due to climate change, it is estimated that the Yucatan Peninsula will experience the largest temperature increase in Mexico. Taking into account the vulnerability of the area, this report informs stakeholders on the development of sustainable, and feasible actions to help strengthen the monitoring, protection, and environmental management of coastal priority ecosystems in the state of Yucatan through Artificial Intelligence systems.

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June 2020

AI for Social Good in Latin America and the Caribbean: the regional landscape and 12 countries snapshots

Authors: C Minds and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

IDB advocates for understanding AI and its risks/benefits through the fAIr LAC initiative, aimed at reducing gaps and promoting responsible AI adoption in Latin America and the Caribbean. fAIr LAC collaborates with various sectors to implement pilot projects and create tools to guarantee minimum standards and mitigate AI risks. This report, authored by C Minds and IDB, aims to document and disseminate information on AI's impact and relevant use cases in the region and contribute to the ethical and responsible use of AI to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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May 2020

Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence for the Borderplex Region

Authors: C Minds

The report provides an overview of the Borderplex region (a frontier region between the USA and Mexico) and its potential use of AI for priority sectors. It highlights global trends, the potential impact of automation, the views of key players, and recommendations for maximizing the benefits of AI. The report also addresses regional challenges and the role of technology in driving local economic growth.

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