5 Women Leading the AI Revolution in Mexico

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Author: Analisa Ruiz, Projects Intern at C Minds

For International Women's Month, the C Minds team wants to highlight 5 incredible women who have been key actors in advancing the field of Artificial Intelligence in Mexico. Since gender parity has yet to be achieved in the field of technology, among many others, we want to remind readers that female representation is not just a social obligation or moral duty. Rather, it is imperative in reaching Mexico’s (and any country’s) potential for economic growth. Quoting the World Bank directly: “Worldwide experience shows clearly that supporting a stronger role for women contributes to economic growth [...] In short, investing in women is central to sustainable development.”

We hope this blog post inspires women across Mexico to pursue their passion, be it for science or any other area where equality is not yet a given. Thanks to Andrea, Haydé, Lourdes, Marisol, and Yunive for sharing their experiences, their vision, and their wisdom with us!

Andrea Escobedo Lastiri, Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs, IBM

At IBM, Andrea acts as a bridge between the tech sector and the Mexican government. Alongside the global CEO, the VP of Latin America, and the majority of the Board of Directors in Mexico, Andrea is part of a fantastic team of women developing technology and creating opportunities that benefit society as a whole. Curious to know how she got here?