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The main question on every innovation agency's minds is how to develop sustainable projects, yet have the ability to continuously reinvent itself by taking on groundbreaking projects that are relevant to the times.


To solve the challenge of this delicate balance, we developed the Starfish Methodology, cleverly inspired by the marine creatures with the same name. Starfish possess exceptional regeneration abilities; they are able to shed a limb and regrow a brand-new one provided it has kept enough of the core. In turn, this limb is able to grow a whole new body.

Each one of C Minds’ pilot projects is developed with a robust sustainability strategy in mind. This will eventually allow it to detach from the agency in a healthy, non-disruptive and successful manner, while still maintaining its core C Minds essence. The project may then take one of two paths. It may be handed over to an institution with the power and will to continue growing it or it will spin-off as an independent unit and take on a life of its own.

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