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The Exploration Studio seeks to answer our questions with concrete applications of technology and by exploring new technologies and trends, offering use cases and reports to inspire similar efforts across the world and insight to our AI for Good Lab.

Our pilot projects are carried out with international organizations and all levels of governments, from federal to state and municipal, seeking to explore the potential of new technologies or trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Open Banking to advance the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, as well as Mexico's priorities, accelerating socioeconomic development. 

If you are interested in carrying out a pilot project with us or in research on new trends and technologies, please reach out to

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AgriTech in Jalisco

How can Jalisco harness the power of AgriTech to boost its leadership? 

We are leading a capabilities-building program for AgriTech startups in Jalisco in order to provide them with the support they need, from tech knowledge to business growth, to thrive. Not only will this strengthen Jalisco's agricultural leadership in the country and region, this is also a first experiment to understand how new technologies could help address the global food challenge.

AI for Better Teachers

Can personalized training programs made by algorithms increase impact?

We are working with the leading Mexican education organization UNETE to explore to what extent personalizing their existing training program based on past data can grow their impact. Part of this project includes the development of 3 algorithms in order to predict the best training sequence for each teacher.

AI for Climate

Can AI be leveraged to fight Climate Change? 

We are working with the conservationists to explore how AI can be best leveraged for resilience, carbon offset monitoring, big data analysis for environmental indicators, natural reserves monitoring and energy efficiency. We are also launching an initiative on AI Carbon Neutrality that allows companies to balance the amount of carbon dioxide they produce with actions that are designed to protect the environment.

Mi Trabajo, Mi Futuro

How can prepare the workforce of a border city for the future of work?

Together with Swae, the Ministry of Innovation of Education of the State of Chihuahua (SIDE) and the Institute for Innovation and Competitiveness (i2C), we are testing the potential for citizen participation processes to be automated by carrying out an exercise that combines technology and collective intelligence to address challenges related to Future of Work in Ciudad Juárez. 

The New GDP:
Gross Data Product

How is the new Global Data Economy affecting privacy and what new safe models exist?

In a project financed by Facebook and coordinated by the Center for Technology and Societal Studies (CETyS) of the San Andrés University in Argentina, we are drafting a report that explores the implications of a global data economy for privacy and competitiveness, new models for data sharing, the opportunities and challenges for Latin America and sets forth recommendations.

Keep Up
by C Minds

How can tech help us learn from international experts on different subjects?

Keep Up by C Minds is our platform to share Mexico's work with the world and learn from the work of other countries. We invite experts on a variety of topics to present their perspective, ideas and work with the Mexican public, and to interact with them in a digital open dialogue space, while also inviting key Mexican stakeholders to present the country's progress in the selected field. 

past projects
Image by Hitesh Choudhary
Blockchain against Corruption (2018)

To what extent can blockchain reduce corruption in public call processes?

Together with IBM, Krieger, the University of Guadalajara, the National Digital Strategy Coordination (CEDN), and the Ministry of Finance and Planning of the State of Guadalajara (SEPAF), we developed a distributed ledger to explore its potential to reduce corruption in open call processes, one of the government's most corruption-prone activities according to OCP.

Image by Floriane Vita
Open Banking Pilots (2018)

What challenges will Mexico's banks face and what new services might emerge?

In collaboration with the National Banking and Values Commission (CNBV), the National Digital Strategy Coordination (CEDN), the Open Data Institute (ODI), we worked with 5 leading Mexican banks to adopt certain endpoints of the UK Open Banking Standard. This exercise ended with Mexico's first Open Banking Hackathon.

Image by Clint Adair
Blockchain for Better Public Registries (2018)

How can Blockchain help Mexico's Ministry of Economy better manager their services?

C Minds worked with the RUCAM public registry area of Mexico's Ministry of Economy to explore its potential to improve transparency and traceability, producing recommendations with regards to its adoption.

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