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Future-proofing people, companies and governments

Our Academy for Resilience helps people, companies and governments understand current and future trends as well as new technologies so they can prepare for and drive the disruptive future. We partner with experts from across the world to organize theoretical and practical workshops that initiate participants to the potential of specific technologies and trends and introduce them to the world of disruptive technologies and ideas. 

Mexico City

As of 2018


As they say, the only constant in life is change. Every life and industry is continuously being transformed by new technologies and shaped by disruptive forces and trends such as climate change, food insecurity, energy grid disruptions, automation, the sharing economy, decentralized manufacturing, urbanization, smart citizens, digital and open governance, to name a few. 45% of current job activities will soon be automated. leading to a drastic change in job structure. From industry and government leaders to the most disadvantaged people, all humans need to understand what is happening and develop the skills that will make them resilient in the face of a fast-changing environments.


We are conveying people the critical skills they need to face the disruptive future ahead, including knowledge of future trends, current thinking frameworks, new technologies and the way in which they can positively impact communities. We are also encouraging communities to talk about the ethical and existential implications surrounding technological disruptions. We are inviting doers and change-makers from various fields across the globe to share their work and lessons-learned, in order to inspire more people to take action and to help them translate knowledge into tangible change as fast as possible.


• We are preparing individuals, corporations and policy for the the 4th Industrial Revolution, giving them the necessary tools to cope with the upcoming technological change, emerging forces and trends.

• We teach critical skills for the jobs of the future and transformative leadership.

• We bring together the world of academy, policy, industry and civil society to discuss the ethical, economic, political and social implications of disruptive technology.


How can we best democratize the knowledge surrounding current disruptions and trends to all sectors and disciplines?

How can we ensure that the benefits of the 4th Industrial Revolution reach everyone?

What are the ethical and existential questions we should be asking ourselves around the implications of tech disruptions?



We want people and institutions to be more prosperous and drive a 4th industrial revolution with shared benefits for all. We are working with NonSuch* to build an innovation center that will incubate disruptive projects and allow more people to transform rhetoric into action and social impact through experimentation and international, interdisciplinary collaborations.

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