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Moving cities forward

We collaborated with the British Embassy in Mexico to accelerate the transition to sustainable urban mobility through innovation and the use of exponential technologies.


The project aimed at increasing knowledge-exchange and commercial opportunities between the UK and Mexican mobility sectors and resulted in the growth of new, disruptive solutions for Mexico City and Guadalajara's mobility systems. 

Mexico City

November 2016 to March 2017


i-Mobility was born after we took on the Mapatón initiative and realized the tremendous challenges citizens experience moving around their own city, be it on foot, by bicycle, on public transport or by car. Take the commute, for instance. On average, people in Mexico City spend 3.5 hours a day commuting. That adds up to 38 days for someone working a traditional 5-day week. Looking at other aspects of mobility, such as a city’s pedestrian-friendliness, certain states in Mexico only have sidewalk infrastructures on 30% of their streets. Mobility is a very comprehensive term and we believe that all of its challenges can be improved upon with adapted and disruptive technologies.   




The program carries different activities, all of which are intended to elevate the level of debate, inspire and gather decision-makers to explore and implement new and better ways of solving the biggest challenges in urban mobility using technologies such as big data, mobile tech, machine learning, artificial intelligence and drone technology, among others.

The first initiative within the program, called i-Mobility Week, tested the ripeness of Mexico’s mobility sector for disruption by new technologies. You can read about it at the bottom of this page.


There are infinite organizations and companies and many government agencies trying to solve these problems in every city across the globe. Our approach is to gather these decision-makers in one same room and try to come up with an innovative solution together, combining all of our capacities, experience and knowledge.



i-Mobility is currently developed under the PIDES Social Innovation flagship, with a robust sustainable strategy to prepare for its separation in the future.



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