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Lets make sure AI is used for a positive impact in society. 

We are exploring the main ethical implications of developing AI. We are working at the city level and national level to crowdsource the AI principles of Mexico. We are also feeding into policy development the findings, ensuring that the moral and ethical constraints of AI are in the center of the discussions at all government levels. 

We also developed the C Minds AI Ethics Framework that builds on nascent international best practices and on experts’ conversations and workshops around the need to develop an inclusive, beneficial and ethical Artificial Intelligence that fits to the local context where it is applied.


The framework is meant to be used by our allies as a point of departure to explore the opportunities and challenges to develop AI from a lense of social justice and impact. It invites to reflection across sectors, taking into account different perspectives, use cases and experiences.

It aims to bring together key stakeholders from local AI ecosystems in Mexican cities and other countries to better know each other, share insights on their work and to identify potential threats to the misuse of AI. Beyond reflection, the Framework also serves as a call to action, a commitment for AI communities of practice to agree on principles to guide their professional endeavors.

Read about our first AI & Ethics workshop! 

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