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Constanza Gomez Mont

Constanza Gómez Mont

Founder and Principal, C Minds

Short bio: Constanza Gomez Mont is founder of C Minds, who works in the field of emerging technologies for social and environmental good with partners such as IDB, UK Gov, IUCN, GIZ, among others. She is also the founder of the global initiative AI for Climate and head of NaturaTech LAC, a 2024-born initiative to accelerate the use of new technologies for biodiversity conservation in LAC. Moreover, she is a member of the steering committee for UNESCO’s Women for Ethical AI global platform and former chair of WEF´s GFC AI for Humanity and named Yale Climate Fellow 2024.

About her

Long bio: Constanza Gomez Mont is a strategist and social entrepreneur. She focuses on harnessing the potential of emerging technologies and models of collective intelligence to amplify social and environmental impact. For the last 17 years, she has led pioneering initiatives through C Minds, an action tank in Latin America she founded. C Minds develops frameworks and policies for inclusive, ethical, and human rights-centered technologies, implements tech for good initiatives, and strengthens female leadership in the tech and policy fields. She is also the founder of the award-winning global initiative AI for Climate and founder and Head of NaturaTech LAC, a 2024-born regional initiative cofounded with IDB Lab that harnesses new technologies to accelerate climate and biodiversity conservation action in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Moreover, she has led diverse high-level global processes, such as the co-development of the first AI ethics global regulatory instrument led by UNESCO, signed by 193 countries; the chairing of the AI for Humanity Global Future Council of the World Economic Forum; and is a founding member of the global council of Women for Ethical AI of UNESCO, among other leadership roles. She is an advisor and partner to governments, multilateral organizations and big techs and actively advocates and speaks on inclusive leadership and tech for impact. Furthermore, Constanza has been recognized by the British Government as an International Leader, won the AI Life Trajectory Award of North America 2023 by Women in AI, and is a Yale Climate Fellow 2024, among other recognitions. She actively advocates and speaks on inclusive leadership, gender equality, and the ethical use of tech for impact.

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