Reprodutopia - The Future of Reproductive Technologies

Last week, C Minds, through its Academy for Resilience, partnered with Next Nature Network to host their own designer, Hendrik-Jan Grievink, in Mexico City to discuss what the future holds in terms of reproductive technology and its potential impact on society, gender equality and our perception of human nature. The workshop introduced the concept of technology as another level of nature, referring to it as our “next nature”, and encouraged participants to imagine how technology interacts with our own lives and perceptions.

Participants learnt about how different types of technology and natural phenomenons fit on an axis from ‘born’ to ‘made’ and ‘less control’ to ‘more control’. Based on these categories, participants were divided into four “worlds” (born+control, born+less control, made+control, made+less control) and sought to answer thought-provoking questions such as “How are intimacy, relationships, and reproduction viewed?” and “What kind of products, services, or policies would be necessary in this world?”

Born and Less Control

This category encompasses what occurs without manpower and what cannot be contained by humans. The weather or natural disasters are just two ways of visualizing what is born and out of our control. A future in which society embraces the born and uncontrollable inextricably links the body to intimacy. Participants thought about a world that includes services and policies like vaccinations, government provided healthcare, medical exams, and childcare that complemented their society.