Hear from past team-members


"Hacer mi práctica en C Minds ha sido de las mejores experiencias laborales que he tenido. Fue emocionante y muy grato el poder ser parte de una organización donde mis intereses empatan con su misión y enfoque. Cada proyecto trabajado estaba lleno de retos y aprendizajes únicos, además de tratar temas tan interesantes y relevantes para la academia, gobierno, empresas y sociedad. Concluí mi experiencia con mucho crecimiento, y sintiéndome parte de un equipo lleno de talento y visión."

-Valeria Tafoya, IBERO León (2019-2020)


"I have learned so much during my time at C Minds. I am able to put forth new ideas, take initiative, and learn from 3 women who have a lot of passion for what they do. I am encouraged to take on responsibility and feel excited about the work we are doing. Taking part in our various collaborations has allowed me to learn about the vast network that exists across Latin America between tech developers, decision makers, and innovators. Working here has changed how I think about the future and my role in it."​

-Analisa Ruiz, University of Texas (2018-2019)



"C Minds fue mi primer experiencia laboral, y es una experiencia laboral que recuerdo con mucho cariño. Durante mi práctica, siempre existió mucha horizontalidad, siempre sentía que mi opinión contaba para todo el equipo, hasta el nivel más alto. Lo que hacía de forma individual y como equipo era sumamente importante porque estábamos abarcando temas que son muy interesantes y muy necesarios para nuestro país."


-Bruno Nellen (right), IBERO (2016)

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"My favorite aspect of my internship at C Minds was being a part of the exciting projects. Before interning here I didn't know anything open banking or Artificial Intelligence. However, through this internship, I quickly gained knowledge and felt comfortable taking part in the process to implement these technologies in Mexico. It was also exciting to meet different people in these fields and experience first hand how international players are developing technology to promote a cohesive community."


-Loretta Taylor, University of Texas Graduate (2017-2018)



"Haber colaborado en C Minds fue una experiencia muy gratificante. El proyecto en el que participé me permitió involucrarme en temas actuales y muy interesantes, tales como el desarrollo de políticas con un enfoque de tecnología e innovación. El tiempo que estuve ahí no sólo implicó un reto intelectual, sino que también pude aprender sobre IA y nuevas iniciativas a nivel global que están cambiando la forma en que la gente interactúa. Disfruté participar junto con un grupo de mujeres talentosas a cargo de crear y desarrollar proyectos de alto impacto."

-Alonso Gutierrez, Graduate (2017, 2019 & 2020)



"C Minds has an incredible mission, one which I am so grateful to have been a part of over the course of my time here. The projects I worked on were not only intellectually engaging but were also ones which sought to have a real impact on a societal level. Furthermore, through events, I got to meet some of the top thinkers in AI across the country and see first hand the incredible power these new technologies have in transforming our everyday lives."


-Ian Mullane, Harvard (2019)


"In just a short time, C Minds gave me an entire toolkit of knowledge. Before the internship, I did not know much about technology, but while I was there, I gained exposure to cutting-edge topics such as AI, data ethics, data governance, data trusts, open banking, blockchain, and many others. In the modern world, knowledge about all of these concepts is extremely helpful. Not only did I learn about concepts, I also learned a mindset. The interdisciplinary nature of C Minds - approaching technology from a social-sciences perspective - resonated with me, and the critical thinking skills I gained will be crucial for my future."

-Will Boggs, Harvard (2019) 

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"While my creativity, versatility, positivism and leadership skills all got boosted during my internship at C Minds, what I value most about it is the inspiration I got from working with inspiring and passionate women leading the team. At a strategic level, I learned a lot from listening and observing what, how and why they do things. It was exciting to bear witness to the fact that it is possible to assemble a team of very efficient and smart people to work on complicated issues to make a lasting impact, and to be a part of it."


-Raquel Aguayo, ITAM (2018)



"It is rare to find an organization that combines such a passion for technology with political ideals of social inclusion and sustainability and a distinctive perspective from the Global South. My time at C Minds was marked by constant inspiration, invaluable impulses for my personal development and admiration for C Minds' incredible level of organizational efficiency. It was a privilege to work alongside such a driven, knowledgeable and likeable team."

-Adrian Kopps, Free University of Berlin Graduate (2019) 

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