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We were honored to be invited to talk in Ecuador at a private dinner of YPO, the global platform for chief executives to engage, this past Thursday, Oct 12th.

Constanza, our founder, shared our perspective and work in the fields of social and economic development powered by multidisciplinary collaborations and new technologies. Forbes stated that 40% of the existing Fortune 500 companies will cease to exist in the next 10 years. Based on this prediction, Constanza got to dialogue with the leading businessmen and businesswomen in Ecuador how they could be more resilient to disruptive changes and trends that are rapidly taking over the social and economical scene of latin america.

How does blockchain, AI and digital manufacturing impact the largest industries? How does crowdfunding, sharing economies and other trends shape the future of the current most successful companies? How can big burocreatic companies keep up to date and remain both competitive while becoming more socially conscious and inclusive? What should the largest supermarket chain in Ecuador do to help drive change?

What we believe in C Minds by PIDES is that the largest companies in every city play a crucial role in the current social and economic transformation and the sensibility of their founders, boards and directos will need to lead the way into this new area. The companies that do not ride the wave will be soon be toast.


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