Everything started in 2008 in a café, with a napkin and two restless college students, eager to see the world become a better place. Constanza Gómez-Mont and Martín Miretti wanted to design an organization that would innovate social processes and empower communities to drive changes. After a month of regular meetings, infinite cups of coffee and many doodled napkins, PIDES Innovación Social was born. 

The newly founded innovation lab quickly gained prominence in the Mexican and International market thanks to a number of ingenious and impactful projects.

In June 2017, in preparation for its 10 year anniversary, the organization then known as PIDES Social Innovation decided to take a dose of its own medicine and place its trust in the power of innovation. Staying at the forefront of innovation isn’t just about talking the talk, it’s about walking too. PIDES Social Innovation decided to internalize the concept and redesigned its own brand and organization to integrate the concept of systems change at the core of its being and to become more technologically oriented. This shake up allowed the lab to develop a more methodological approach based on previous and repeated success factors, thus creating space and capacity for more impactful, resilient and sustainable projects. C Minds was born!