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We worked with the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of the Environment to develop a program that seeks to foster more open, sustainable, healthy and inclusive schools by empowering their youth. We create change-agents, equipping them with the skills needed to design and implement transformative actions in the priority areas defined by their school.

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Although there are many national and international movements to promote sustainability practices, few of these seep down to our micro communities, such as schools for instance. We believe it is crucial to work with the generation of tomorrow, instilling in them the values that will allow for a better future, particularly in very young countries such as Mexico. In 2015, INEGI reported that people under 15 years of age made up 27% of the country’s entire population.



To ensure that this ideal becomes a reality, we bet on the power of education and started working with the next generation. We devised a program to create a generation of young changemakers equipped with the skills needed to offer creative and sustainable solutions to the challenges around them, beginning with their schools (this program tackled Middle Schools and High Schools). We supported and encouraged them to design and implement transformative actions related to the different priority areas established by their school.


​​We carried out two workshops with the teenagers to help them understand the context of this initiative. The first workshop aimed at having them reflect upon the impact of their habits and consumption on the planet and, more directly, on their school. For the second workshop, we worked with the Mexican Diabetes Association to submit students to an overall health analysis, which was to provide a basis for the design of food-based health solutions. Once the context and specific challenges were clear, we supported students in the development of solutions for the main challenges in their school. In order to provide a guideline, we worked with the teenagers to revisit prehispanic cuisine as a resource for sustainable food and a source of healthy nutrition.

        OUR VISION


We are working towards a world in which each person becomes and actor and change-maker in the ecosystems in which they live, beginning with students making systemic, positive changes in their school communities.


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