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ai for good lab

preparing the global south for the ai revolution

About the LAB

The AI for Good Lab is our area where we explore how to strengthen Mexico and the Latin American region in the face of the international AI and Tech Revolution, boosting the ecosystem, deepening ethical conversations and contributing more ethical, fair and inclusive AI policy.

We work with international organizations and all levels of government, from federal to state and municipal, to co-design and implement resiliency strategies that place people at the center of the conversation.

If you are interested in exploring a potential collaboration with our AI for Good Lab, please contact

Cristina Martínez Pinto

AI for Good Lab Director

past projects
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AI for Social Good in LAC: foundations and case studies (2020)

How can we provide LAC with valuable information to seize the AI Revolution?

As part of the fAIr LAC initiative, we developed a report analyzing the foundations of 12 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) for AI for impact while shining the spotlight on several successful AI for social good use cases. This report also seeks to showcase the region's AI for social good ecosystem and advances to the world. 

Borderplex - A binational agenda (2020)

How can a cross-border AI agenda help boost the Borderplex region?

We worked with Microsoft to bring together recommendations for a binational AI agenda for the Borderplex region, seeking to boost its competitiveness by taking advantage of new technologies while also recommending measures for a smooth transition with regards to the workforce.

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AI-Center Advisory (2019)

What best practices exist with regards to AI Centers across the world? What are the different AI principles and declarations?

Together with the Centre for Advanced Technologies (CIATEQ), part of the National Science and Technology Commission (Conacyt), we are mapping the characteristics of leading AI centers across the world to help advise the development of an AI Center in Mexico. 

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Image by Shahadat Shemul
Towards a National AI Strategy (2018)

What would a National AI strategy look like for Mexico?

Collaborating with Oxford Insights, in a project commissioned by the British Embassy in Mexico, we drafted a report that creates the basis for a Mexican National AI Strategy. Mexico became one of the first 10 countries to have an AI strategy greatly due to this report! 

Image by Floriane Vita
The Potential of Open Banking for Mexico (2018)

Data as fuel for Financial Innovation and AI. In what way could Open Banking benefit Mexico?

Together with the Open Data Institute (ODI) and the FinTech Hub, in a project commissioned by the British Embassy in Mexico, and with the support of the National Banking and Values Commission (CNBV), we created a report analyzing the potential impact of Open Banking on Mexico, looking into its potential for financial inclusion.

our current projects
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IA2030Mx - Mexico's AI coalition

How can we create bottom-up recommendations for a National AI Agenda?

Back in 2018, C Minds co-founded Mexico's national AI cross-sector coalition, IA2030Mx, which it is now chairing for the 2019-2021 period. The coalition seeks to create detailed recommendations to serve as input for a National AI Agenda for Mexico. Join us!

Image by Alina Grubnyak

How can we use AI to drive more impactful social policies and social entrepreneurship in Latin America and the Caribean?

We are founding advisors and collaborators of this ambitious initiative led by the Social Sector of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB). fAIr LAC will be working in the Latin America region, promoting AI for impact and creating more resilient communities. 

Image by Roman Lopez
fAIr Jalisco

What would a local center that promotes the use of ethical AI from different sectors look like?

Working hand in hand with the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB),  the State Government of Jalisco and Tec de Monterrey, we are piloting a comprehensive AI center in Jalisco, Mexico with the objective of accelerating the responsible use of AI for social policies and impact entrepreneurship.

Image by Raphael Rychetsky
IEEE's Latam Circle for the Global AI Initiative

How can Latam be part of the interational effort to design and deploy AI standards?

Upon invitation by the IEEE, we are founding and chairing the Latam Circle, part of the institute's AI ethics global initiative. We will be working with 5 different countries to boost the region's participation in the creation of global AI standards.

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