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About the Academy

Academy for Resilience aims to strengthen the resilience of people, governments and corporations in light of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and develop the skills they will need to make the most of the changes coming ahead.

The Academy runs programs and workshops on the world’s latest and most impactful technologies and trends, shining the spotlight on technology’s potential for social and economic impact.


Whether you are looking to understand the basics of a new technology, delve deeper into a certain aspect, or explore what the world's new tech-driven dynamics mean, reach out to us so we can prepare a personalized workshop or program fitted to your modalities (group size, online/offline, English/Spanish etc) and needs.

"C Minds' talk about Open Banking both provoked and inspired, setting off an active conversation about the forthcoming opportunities for us in the near future."

- Hugh Bruce, Chief Consumer Officer

Programs ​

High-Level Futurology Program in Silicon Valley

Enter a  3-day immersive program tailored to your company or government to provide you with a firsthand understanding of how current industries are evolving and best practices to make the most of the 4th Industrial Revolution. You will have a chance to dialogue with and learn from key industry leaders and startup founders in one of the world's leading tech hub, San Francisco.

The experience can be focused on the industry of your choice or on cross-sector topics such as the Future of Work or GovTech.


Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence 101

  • Artificial Intelligence in Mexico / Latam / the world

  • Artificial Intelligence for Social Development

  • Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

  • Creating a National AI Agenda

  • Mitigating Risk: Bias and Data Privacy

4th Industrial Revolution 

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • New Tech-Enabled Business Models

Global Data Economy

  • Global Data Trade and Privacy

  • New Models for the Global Data Economy

  • The New GDP: Gross Data Product

Open Banking

  • Open Banking 101

  • Open Banking: Adoption and Benefits

  • Open Banking: Development

  • Open Banking: a Global Perspective

  • Open Banking & Data Ethics


  • Tech-for-Impact in Mexico / Latam / the world

  • Tech as a Tool to Accelerate Development

To book a workshop, please get in touch with:

Claudia Del Pozo

Head of Operations

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