Constanza Gómez Mont

Founder & President

Constanza Gómez Mont is committed to achieving an inclusive digital transformation in Latin America and other regions of the Global South. This led her to found C Minds, a women-led think and action center that works at the intersection of new technologies, society, and the environment. Constanza works with governments and institutions in the development of initiatives and public policies in the field of emerging technologies, seeking to democratize their benefits and mitigate their potential ethical and human rights risks.

She is a co-founder of the National Coalition of Artificial Intelligence in Mexico; She is the founder of the IA for Climate initiative, and part of the founding group of the IDB's fAIr LAC, among other initiatives.


In addition, she was an advisor on the global strategy of the IEEE; She is part of the high-level group for the drafting of the global normative instrument on AI ethics led by UNESCO; and Coordinator of the Council of AI for Humanity of the World Economic Forum 2021-2022.

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