C Minds is a speaker @ Disrupt Ecuador

How do we strengthen social innovation processes in LatinAmerica? How do we leverage the power of cities to explore new and better ways to tackle challenges in emerging cities? How do we create more resilient cities that are prepared not only to survive disruptive technological changes but drive them?

These were some of the questions Constanza, founder of C Minds by PIDES, asked during her presentation today at the Conference #DisruptEcuador in Quito.

#DisruptEcuador was organized by Centro Digital, one of the leading digital marketing firms of Ecuador. The dynamic conference brought together minds of 7 countries to talk about policy, media, technology and health. Other speakers included Miroculus, Startup Chile, BanColombia, Asuntos del Sur, among others.

Constanza presented C Minds by PIDES’ view on Latin America’s social challenges in cities and the role the Data Revolution has in the development and implementation of new strategies for change. She presented past and present data-driven initiatives we have led including crowdsourcing the data for the largest public transportation system through Mapatón CDMX and our startup data accelerator, Labora, sharing lessons learned and the multiple possibilities Open Data and Big Data present for the fields of social and economic development in LatinAmerica.

She pushed for a debate with the public questioning if communities in Latam are having enough discussion on data privacy, cyber-security and data ownership. While technologies are indeed helping solve the toughest social challenges, there are questions that are still pending to be answered. Questions that will define at the end the balance this Data Revolution had between guaranteeing a more inclusive society vs creating more personal vulnerabilities and risks.

Latam has a great potential to define and design a 4rth Industrial Revolution that brings benefits for all, no matter race, age or socio-economical level. A revolution that is not imported from other regions, but rather one that is born from the bottom to the top and responds to local contexts and endemic social challenges of countries of the south.


Some interesting facts on the potential of Open and Big Data:

  • $3 trillion usd- the potencial annual value enabled by Open Data in seven domains including education, transportation, consumer products and electricity among others.
  •  3 billion- the number of metric tons of CO2 equivalent emission reductions from buildings that could be identified through the use of Open Data
  • 35 hours per year could be saved by commuters from schedule changes based on Open Data
  • 100,000+ Medical, health and fitness apps for smartphones that could be developed.
  • $600 usd to buy a disk drive that can store all of the world´s music
  • 30 billion posts on Facebook everymonth
  • 140-200 thousand vacancies regarding data analytics in USA alone by 2020

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Meet C Minds, the New and Reloaded PIDES Social Innovation

PIDES Social Innovation has just taken its next big step by becoming C Minds by PIDES, an impact innovation agency. We design strategies for economic and social development by cultivating cross-sector collaboration, experimenting with the use of new technologies and by leveraging resources from San Francisco (our new headquarters) and Mexico City. Our mission is to improve people’s lives by transforming ideas into pilot experiments that are then scaled into laws, policies, programs or startups with a widespread impact.

This change comes in the wake of the 4th Industrial Revolution. We are living in a continuously changing world where technology has the unequaled power of accelerating possibilities. We are ready to capitalize on that. Our experience, gathered over 10 years of successful projects, law and public policy developments,  impacting a variety of global challenges at the local level, has shown us the potential that can be achieved by leveraging the strategic use of technology and cross-sector collaborations. C Minds by PIDES keeps PIDES Social Innovation’s key assets while reshaping the organization’s strategy and operations to include these essential components in order to tackle today’s biggest challenges with as much finesse, modernity and impact as possible. We are designing a new and better way of achieving the same purpose we established 10 years ago.

The “C” in C Minds stands for what we represent our core philosophy and values: creativity, cities, collaboration, courage and change

C Minds by PIDES will be focusing on carrying out tech-savvy pilot projects across Mexico to improve the quality of life in cities. We have doubled our collaboration efforts with our past partners and are working with new key innovative players in various countries to design solutions for global challenges. We will be leveraging new and exciting exponential technologies such as AI, Blockchain and digital manufacturing, to name a few, to solve challenges in the fields of nutrition, education, mobility, security and FinTech among others.  We will be also refueling our efforts to build capacity within citizens and institutions to deal with the tech disruptions that are coming thanks to our brand new Academy for Resilience.  Through it, we will be training decision-makers and citizens from all sectors as well as pushing for ethical debates on the social consequences of new technologies.

Follow our new, tech-enhanced and human-centered journey on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

C Minds invited by YPO Ecuador

We were honored to be invited to talk in Ecuador at a private dinner of YPO, the global platform for chief executives to engage, this past Thursday, Oct 12th.

Constanza, our founder, shared our perspective and work in the fields of social and economic development powered by multidisciplinary collaborations and new technologies. Forbes stated that 40% of the existing Fortune 500 companies will cease to exist in the next 10 years. Based on this prediction, Constanza got to dialogue with the leading businessmen and businesswomen in Ecuador how they could be more resilient to disruptive changes and trends that are rapidly taking over the social and economical scene of latin america.

How does blockchain, AI and digital manufacturing impact the largest industries? How does crowdfunding, sharing economies and other trends shape the future of the current most successful companies? How can big burocreatic companies keep up to date and remain both competitive while becoming more socially conscious and inclusive? What should the largest supermarket chain in Ecuador do to help drive change?

What we believe in C Minds by PIDES is that the largest companies in every city play a crucial role in the current social and economic transformation and the sensibility of their founders, boards and directos will need to lead the way into this new area. The companies that do not ride the wave will be soon be toast.

Join our WOW Factor Team for Storytellers and Curious Minds

¿Te apasionan los temas de innovación social? ¿Te emocionan las nuevas tecnologías y su potencial para cambiar paradigmas? ¿Te dicen que eres un(a) buen(a) contador(a) de historias? ¿Manejas el inglés escrito y oral al 100%? ¿Estás buscando una práctica profesional o servicio social que te rete?

Si cumples con estas 5 características, te queremos conocer. Estamos buscando a 2 integrantes de nuestro WOW Factor Team. Estarías a cargo del diseño y la implementación de una estrategia de empoderamiento, rediseñando la comunicación tradicional para inspirar y motivar a la acción a diferentes grupos. Es un programa de 10 o 20 horas por semana de  duración de 3 a 6 meses con horarios flexibles. Iniciamos a finales de octubre.

Si te interesa, responde a este cuestionario antes de las 11:59pm del 18 de octubre.

Si eres seleccionado/a para pasar a la ronda de entrevistas, te estaríamos avisando por correo el 20 de octubre.


Deberás traer tu propia computadora.
Este programa no es remunerado. Sin embargo, apoyamos con 1000-1500 pesos por mes para cubrir el transporte y otros gastos.

Gathering Diverse Views from Mexico on Government Legitimacy

Legitimacy is a tricky concept when it comes to governments. How does a government get its citizens to accept its legitimacy? The complexity of this question stems, in part, from the fact that the term “legitimacy” means different things and is achieved in different ways for different people. Picture legitimacy as the reservoir of support that allows governments to deliver positive outcomes for people. What does it take for you to pitch in to that reservoir? Is it the same for your neighbour? What about someone from a completely different culture?

That is the driving question behind the latest project of the Center for Public Impact (CPI), a Boston Consulting Group foundation. Finding Legitimacy – A Global Conversation seeks to better understand:

  1. What legitimacy is for people today
  2. How legitimacy looks and feels when it works well at all levels of government
  3. Where best practice is happening and how it works through real life case studies

This information will be used to determine global principles and foundations of government legitimacy in order to produce a set of international guidelines. The CPI is working with organizations across the globe to organize conversations as diverse as possible in a number of countries.

C Minds by PIDES is honored to have been selected to lead the conversation in Mexico City and be part of the global network of CPI champions that will support the production of the Legitimacy guidelines.

Since its inception, C Minds by PIDES has been striving to help governments and citizens accelerate the new paradigm of open governance. We have been working closely with national and local governments and institutions in developing countries, promoting open governance with a focus on fields such as urban mobility, health, climate change, entrepreneurship and security. We have led the development of national and local policies, citywide civic innovation strategies and strive to empower local actors to be at the forefront of public innovation. We are committed to pushing forward the conversation regarding the meaning and impact of open governance in days of disruptive technological changes and social paradigm shifts.

Via our role as Mexican Champion for the CPI’s Finding Legitimacy initiative, we hope to strengthen the global peer-to-peer network that has been created for this initiative by contributing case studies, experience and lessons learned from the Mexican ecosystem and to learn from other countries. On the 18th of October of 2017, we will be holding the Mexican Finding Legitimacy Conversation with guests as diverse as Mexico itself. Stay tuned to our social media for updates on our local findings.

At C Minds by PIDES, we believe that conversations like these will empower decision-makers across the world to collectively redefine what government legitimacy means in the 21st Century.


Data Science and Open Data Workshop for Beginners

During the past years, the world has experienced a boom in data accumulation. Big data and data science are the new frontier for innovation and productivity. McKinsey estimates that the US will need approximately 200,000 data scientists and 1.5 million managers capable of transforming data into usable information in order to cover industry and government needs by 2020. The European Union expects 100,000 data-related jobs by 2020. Mexico will experience the same need, and it is urgent to create agents capable of understanding data and its potential and having the capabilities needed to process it and transform it into actionable information.

In light of this context, we co-organized the Data Science and Open Data Workshop for Beginners on the 11th of August 2017. This was part of the Labora program, founded by DEMOS (C Minds by PIDES and Dev.f), the National Digital Strategy Coordination and the Open Data Institute with support from the British Embassy in Mexico for the first generation of entrepreneurs. Labora is a platform for civic and social entrepreneurs that offers cutting-edge tools and connects entrepreneurs to a world-class network of companies, mentors and investors, with the aim of accelerating impact through data-led innovation.

Participants from over 14 government agencies, 2 universities, 17 civil organizations and 1 international NGO came together to answer questions we’ve all had at one point or another: What is data science and how can I use it? What could I achieve with a data team? What can I do with the open data produced by the public sector? How can we create data visualization and interaction tools? What is machine learning and how is it used?

These questions were answered throughout the day with a variety of talks and workshops given by topical experts. The day was divided among the following activities:
Talk n1: The Data Revolution and Basic Concepts by Andrea Barenque
Workshop n1: Tools of Trade for the Data Scientist by Christine Cook
Workshop n2: Common Sources of Data by Christine Cook
Workshop n3: Data Visualization 101: Tools and Best Practices by Alecs Garza
Talk n2: What’s next now that I have data? Machine learning and cases of use by Brian Salomaki
Talk n3: Successful Case Study by Alejandro Maza

One of our objectives at C Minds by PIDES, and particularly of our Academy for Resilience branch, is to connect citizens with the growing needs of the present. Although we cannot create data scientists in just one day, we consider it important to lay the foundations of data science and start spreading the word about the potential of data in our organizations and economy.

This workshop was the first of many that will seek to foster a data culture in Mexico and prepare employees for the country’s growing data science needs. Keep up with us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn to be the first to know when we have a new one!